Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where Are We in the Democratixx?

Dear President Bush,

Where are we in the story of the Democratixx? Is Neo still the hacker fighting the system, yet unaware that he is living in a false world that needs him only as a battery? Are the American people unaware their desires really don’t matter as their attention is diverted to hot button issues by a system that needs only their vote every few years?

Or are we deeper into the story? Has every American walked up to that line and taken the blue pill to stay asleep or the red pill to awaken to the manipulation hiding our shadowy parasitic world? Do people see money and power are the juice that powers the Democratixx?

Might we be at the threat reduction phase, where the Neos in the world have been identified and agents sent to take him out? Did you have to pick V.P. Cheney as the most powerful agent in the Democratixx? While he does inspire fear, he is a persistently creepy figure walking around with his shotgun.

Does the Democratixx know who the threats are to its continued existence? As both political parties are in on the secret, it must be someone from outside the system. Have you found its’ Morpheous, its’ Trinity, and the One that will take the system down? Are you turncoating any Cyphers with promises of money, power, and special treatment if they return to the fold?

Where are we in the story of the Democratixx? When will Neo know he is the One? When will the illusions be known? When will all awaken? The story is left to write….

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