Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bush Calls Democrats Terrorists or Did He Call Terrorists, Democrats?

(AP) President Bush on Monday, June 12th had this to say about terrorists in Iraq. “But the enemy doesn't stand for anything. They have no message of hope. They have no positive philosophy.” Had I jumped in on just these words, I likely would have thought the President to be referring to Democrats. His remarks were on the insurgency in Iraq.

This morning in a Rose Garden Press Conference he said something different. “But al Qaeda is real; their philosophy is a real philosophy; they have ambitions. Their stated goal is to drive us out of Iraq before a government can defend itself and govern itself and sustain itself, so they can have safe haven from which to launch further attacks.”

The insurgency does not stand for anything, terrorists don’t stand for anything, Democrats don’t stand for anything, thus terrorist insurgents equal Democrats. Now al Qaeda has a real philosophy but it is mean and filled with hate. It only tears down and has nothing substantive to offer, much like the Democrats. Was that President Bush’s aim in these two talks, to plant straw men and let the public connect the dots?

One need only look at the body count under the current U.S. administration to know what the homegrown version of terrorist looks like. American ideals of a fair trial and freedom from torture have gone over the falls in a wooden barrel. And the barrel’s packer acts like he had nothing to do with it when he blames the Supreme Court for the delay in giving detainees trials and says America does not torture while issuing signing statements giving him the right to do so. Will the barrel rise to surface after hitting the water? The Army’s new Field Manual might just sink it completely. If our President is hunting for terrorists he need only look in the mirror.

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