Friday, June 22, 2007

Gitmo Meeting Postponed

A meeting of Presidential advisors to discuss the possible closing of Guantanamo Bay has been put off after the topic was leaked to the Associated Press. While a high priority, the President substituted this item on the agenda with his new round of cutesy nicknames for staffers. Any unwilling acceptors of their latest Bushism may be assigned to Gitmo. This is a significant escalation from last meeting's punishment of being kicked in the groin by the little African American boy from the Trigon commercial. This also rules out Condi Rice as she has no "penis" to be kicked. The rest of the boys are at risk.

The temporary closing of Gitmo has been postponed until war plans with Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are finalized. It would behoove the invaders to have an empty prison to take all those new "enemy combatants". The little black boy will do the ribbon cutting for Guantanamo Bay's grand re-opening. I can just hear him as he closes the scissor blades, "There will be a lot of penis kickings here. These men will be injured bad!"

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