Sunday, June 17, 2007

Magnanimous Evan!

Ex Presidential Candidate Evan Bayh seeded Iowa with young volunteers now helping other candidates according to today's AP news. More than a year ago Evan held a camp to train young volunteers.

The Indiana Senator formed his Presidential Exploratory Committee on December 3rd, 2006 only to pull out of the race less than two weeks later "due to circumstances beyond his control". So what happened between the 3rd and 16th of December?

This blogger found out Evan's wife Susan exercised stock options worth $1.2 million gained from her service on the board of huge health insurer WellPoint. Mrs. Bayh shared the board table with President Bush's Uncle Bucky and White House Economic Advisor Al Hubbard. I e-mailed the Senator on Friday, December 15th with my findings.

Is this the reason "little David" dropped out of the race with all those Goliaths? Might the public not view him as the little guy given his family's high paying, politically powerful positions? The end result is Evan's buy/bye enabled young staffers to work on other campaigns.

"It is sometimes surreal to see the fruits of two years of hard work preparing for the Bayh presidential campaign benefiting other candidates and campaigns," said Dan Pfeiffer, now the deputy communications director for Barack Obama's campaign. "But at the end of the day Evan Bayh did a great service for these kids and the party as whole."

So to whom should they send the thank you note? Evan Almighty, Sicko, or Evan "the millionaire David" to other candidates "Goliath"?

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