Monday, June 18, 2007

Brownback's Knee Slapper

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback ended his talk at the National Right to Life Convention with a joke. "What did Jesus Christ say to the Mormon?" The stumped crowd waited in nervous anticipation for the punch line. "We'll find out when he returns any day now!" to which the crowd applauded wildly. Brownback added "Unless God tells the President in one of their nightly chats..." More resounding applause.

Sam ended his talk with an apology to Mormon Mitt Romney for leaving him out of the joke. "We know Mormon's only talk to their prophet Joseph Smith. That would have complicated things to the point of taking the humor out of my little joke." And that's what Mitt has on this subject, no humor! Caustic Mitt bristled, calling such pointed comments "bigotry" which "have no place in America today". What's the matter Romney? Can you dish out bigotry but not take it? Ask Arabic speaking gay members of the military trying to help our country fight the war on terror.

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