Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That Truth Telling CIA?

What's the CIA cooking up to bamboozle President Obama? Iran hates America because of CIA tampering with its democracy in the 1950’s.

Kennedy got taken by the CIA with the Bay of Pigs invasion,which failed miserably due to CIA incompetence. Intelligence failed to note a Cuban manned lighthouse. America had switched to unmanned lighthouses and didn’t give the Cuban one a single thought. Lighthouse staff radioed that U.S. destroyers escorting tramp steamers were on their way to Cuba. The tramp steamers held CIA trained Cuban exiles. Cubans stood ready to cut down the invaders. And they did.*

Guess who was the envoy to Israeli PM Netanyahu, the one delivering the warning not to attack Iran? CIA Chief Leon Panetta. Why Leon? Isn't that George Mitchell's or Dennis Ross' turf?

Obama formed a high level work group between the U.S. and Israel on Iran. What mischief might they hatch? Will it be undone for a simple error in preparation or calculation?

Something stinks and it smells like CIA tampering. Will America ever learn? Will President Obama get bamboozled like JFK? Time will tell, but question the truth telling of America's premier intelligence service. They'll lie in a heartbeat to further an objective.

*(A retired Navy man, now living in Irion County, Texas relayed his story at a star gazing party. This version is extremely condensed. The Miami Herald has a slightly different story.)

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