Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama Adds Preventive Detention to Summary Executions

The Obama administration continued one Bush tactic in Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), formerly known as The War on Terror. President Obama summarily executes people in sovereign countries, just like George W. Unfortunately, innocent people die in these operations, upsetting the hearts and minds of locals. The TimesUK reported on Obama's use of drone fired missile justice:

America has stepped up the covert targeted killing policy in Pakistan and Afghanistan despite the concern of security experts about its effectiveness and complaints by human rights groups about civilian casualties.

The CIA is said to have carried out at least 16 Predator strikes in Pakistan during the first four months of this year, compared with 36 strikes in the whole of 2008. These have killed about 161 people since President Obama’s inauguration, according to news reports in Pakistan.

The Obama administration likes the results, according to CIA Chief Leon Panetta. It will continue summary executions. However, President Obama added a new wrinkle to America's OCO strategy, preventive detentions. Under this scenario, dangerous people can be held inperpetuity. No admissable evidence is needed, just the inadmissable kind gotten from torture!

Bush's Unitary Executive (UE) brought America preventive war and torture. The power didn't go away. Obama's UE offers preventive detention, while keeping torture and rendition as future options.

The court system needs to weigh in ASAP. Power head leaders need constraints. A weak kneed Congress won't supply any. Bring cases! It's the only option left to constrain a run amok Unitary Executive.

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