Monday, May 18, 2009

Step Away from the HIgh Ground, Mr. President!

A White House adviser called out, "Step away from the high ground, President Obama. They're getting ready to remove it." The West Virginia Gazette reported:

The Obama administration has cleared more than three-dozen new mountaintop removal permits for issuance by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, drawing quick criticism from environmental groups who had hoped the new president would halt the controversial practice.

More change like:

1. Telecom Immunity
2. Gaza silence (while H, Clinton & Gen. Jones knew of war plan)
3. Torture foot dragging
4. Military tribunals
5. DADT--"Not going away anytime soon"
6. Record amounts spent on lobbying
7. Pay for performance (what helped implode Wall Street)
8. Public private partnerships (where public makes 20-25% ROI)
9. Treasury's ceaseless big money boy bailout (now at insurance companies. Are manufacturers, pensions and private equity next?)

Obama is a politician. His advisers find high ground words to cover his political decisions, those made in reference to supporters and donors.

Watch health care closely. Private for-profit health care dominates the table. They and their lobbyists are fully capable of moving mountains.

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