Thursday, May 14, 2009

Latest Ruse: Wordsmithing Health Reform

The battle is on to frame health care reform. Despite President Obama's use of U.S. Chamber of Commerce lingo, Republicans and Democrats volley during the day. After strategizing, they dream how best to use the words. Take the Republican Luntz vs. Democratic Axelrod skirmish. The NYT reported:

Mr. Axelrod had offered suggestions on how to communicate, using “words that work” and avoiding “words that don’t work.”

Ignore the words of Repugnican't Frank Lutzz and Damnocrat David Axelrod. Here's the deal. America's corporate sponsored government is racing to the lowest global common denominator on worker pay/benefits and big money boy taxes. Worker benefits include health insurance and retirement plans. As a general rule, corporate executives are exempt from the race.

Health care reform means citizens will pay more for health insurance and medical expenses. Business clearly wants to fund less in health insurance and retirement benefits.

Executive incentive compensation needs its next boost. Will it come from shedding health insurance benefits to employees, freezing or eliminating what little retirement benefits remain, or from an Uncle Sam tax reduction? The race is on.

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