Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Obama Framing on Afghanistan's Karzai

"Embracing Karzai like he was the Thomas Jefferson of Afghanistan and having weekly conversations with him was no longer a feasible approach," said an Obama administration official.

Who writes such political drivel? Hamid Karzai didn't craft a Declaration of Independence. Karzai failed to lead a revolution overthrowing heavy handed Taliban leaders. Foreign powers, America and a coalition of the willing, drove the Taliban from power.

So far, Karzai has been unable to stop America from killing innocent Afghans with drone fired missiles. He was ineffective in keeping his citizens from being tortured by American captors.

Karzai is no TJ, but America is lacking in same. It's a bad sign when Obama's top priority is beset by strained relationships and an uninspiring label, overseas contingency operation.

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