Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama Asks Journalists to Keep Administration in Line?

President Obama asked journalists to keep everybody on their toes at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. How will a profession under economic Russian Roulette concentrate on investigating? Daily, newspapers spin the gun with one bullet loaded into the chamber. The Fourth Estate closes its eyes and pulls. Click, click, blam.

It's leadership's job to keep people in line. President Barack Obama delegated to a disadvantaged media, unworthy of the task. Lap dog journalists abdicated their responsibility during eight years of Bush mismanagement.

While our new President is a wonderful orator, his management methods are remarkably Bushist. Obama loves pay for performance (P4P), public-private partnerships (PPP), even continued Wall Street corporafornication. Obama's economic adviser said "business investment" is the foundation for America's economic recovery. I smell a PEU, private equity underwriters with billions ready to invest. There's even a whiff of a business investment tax cut in the air, other than the one Max Baucus slipped into the stimulus plan.

While citizens wait for stressed journalists to rein in Obama Corporacrats, they need to watch their wallet. While business invests, workers will need to fund more of their retirement and health care coverage. The Fourth Estate is not talking about this obvious dump. Times aren't a changing, they're getting more trying.

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