Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ex-Mayor J.W. Lown Goes National

It started in the San Angelo Standard Times and grew. Yesterday the Houston Chronicle ran the story of Mayor Lown's "illegal alien, gay lover" inspired resignation. Today, it's on the Associated Press, compete with J.W.'s smiling face.

Funny, several years ago Standard Times Managing Editor Tim Archuletta said there was little chance San Angelo would break a story with national implications. Since his profound prediction, our city had the FLDS child abuse mess, with media trucks camped out for weeks in front of the Tom Green County Courthouse. Now, we have the popular "gay mayor" resigning for his Latin lover.

It made the venerable Wall Street Journal.

(For those who don't know San Angelo's fine ex-mayor, J.W. Lown is the man with the blue shirt, on the far right in the above picture.)

Update 11-16-23:  I am sad to share the news of J.W.'s untimely death at his home in Mexico.  Lown was 47.

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