Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Questions about Tony Snow

Dear President Bush,

Will you conduct an investigation into who leaked the hiring of Tony Snow prematurely? White House staffers would only reveal the information anonymously aware of your disdain for “leakers”. Did you declassify the information first before ordering Dick Cheney to get the word out?

Given the repeated poor performance by your administration on a potpourri of issues will Tony Snow wear a codpiece to his first White House Press Briefing? If not, at least give his a cup and some body armor, assuming it’s still not on backorder.

The Press likely will be throwing high heat at Tony. Will one of the mainstream media stars ever ask about the White House Lessons Learned report and the omission of The Carlyle Group affiliate LifeCare’s 24 patient deaths in Katrina’s aftermath? Better give Tony a head’s up on that one, should it come forward. Let Tony know if your Dad is still doing work for Carlyle.

Do you think Tony will be more forthcoming with the American people or will he just parrot you like poor ole Scotty? I bet Scott is looking forward to leaving his wooden self behind. What will he do without his boss, Georgepetto? My guess is he will be happy to be a real person again. At least his nose won't grow anymore when he covers for you.

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Unknown said...

Bush wants someone that can bait the left w/the best of Snow is a perfect fit. He wants someone that answers a question with a question that changes the subject and attacks the person that asked the legitimate question in the first place..snow's the man for that too.

I could go on and on..but I see your eyes glazing over :P