Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rice’s Iran Advice Parrots Bush’s Past Counsel to U.N. on Iraq

Dear President Bush,

Did you give Sec. Rice her lines to deliver to the NATO foreign minister’s meeting? It sounded a lot like your advice to the United Nations on Iraq given almost four years ago.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday the credibility of the U.N. Security Council was as stake as it decides how to deal with Iran's likely rejection of a deadline to bring its nuclear program in line with international demands. "In order to be credible, the Security Council, of course, has to act," Rice told reporters at a NATO foreign ministers' meeting. The U.N. has given Iran until Friday to halt its uranium enrichment activities.

She said it was "pretty clear" that Iran would not meet the requirements set by the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, regarding the enrichment of uranium - a process that can produce fuel for generators or fissile material for nuclear weapons. "The Security Council is the primary and most important institution for the maintenance of peace and stability and security and it cannot have its will and its word simply ignored by a member state," Rice said.

The last time the United Nations imposed its will involved Iraq. It did so to cease from becoming irrelevant, a risk highlighted by President Bush. The irony is Bush made the U.N. irrelevant by attacking Saddam in a unilateral effort.

What will happen this time? Will you déjà vu goading cow the Security Council into acting? How long will Cowboy George wait before sending in the U.S. Cavalry alongside Blair’s Redcoats? Or will the renegade Israelis beat the Western Christians to the punch?

If any of the above act outside the U.N., are they attacking the credibility of the Security Council? If so, it seems Sec. Rice may not be as concerned about the United Nation's credibility as she is in getting her way. Actually, that would be your way!

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