Wednesday, April 19, 2006

James Tobin: Convict with 2004 Bush Ranger Status

April 19, 2006

Dear President Bush,

Might campaign Pioneer Jack Abramoff soon be eclipsed? James Tobin has been convicted of telephone harassment charges while tampering with the 2002 New Hampshire election. As he awaits sentencing, lawyers wrestle with what information to make available.

An area of contention concerns the phone calls between Mr. Tobin and the White House. Was the phone jamming scheme discussed? Your defense indicated the calls would be no different than any regular election updates. How many of your election workers achieve elite status?

Mr. Tobin is listed as major fund raiser for the 2004 Bush re-election campaign, achieving Ranger status. Pioneers mobilize at least $100,000 for the Bush campaign trough, while Rangers go an extra step raising at least $200,000.

How many election workers have over $722,000 in legal bills paid by the Republican National Committee and still get convicted? This despite the Party’s stated “zero tolerance” for voter suppression tactics.

What do you have to hide in those Election Day phone calls the White House is refusing to release? If you are doing the work of the American people, as you frequently suggest, there should be nothing to hide. If you don’t share your reputation as the most opaquely transparent administration will stand.

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