Friday, September 05, 2008

Rocky's Entourage to Take on Apollo Greed

In light of the week's political events, I offer the following scene:

Rocky's trainer yelled out, "You're going down, Apollo Greed!" The fighter's glasses clad wife hid from the media glare.

The large, heavily muscled black man laughed heartily. "You think you can knock Apollo Greed off K Street? Why, you're just an old man and a mousy woman (wink, wink)!"

After more heated words and a brief scuffle, security separated the pair. The media eventually left the scene.

Greed put his arm around the old man. "Beer? Your turn or mine to buy?"

The trainer said, "I think it's yours. Hey Adrian, it's safe to come out. The media left."

"Thank God," she offered. "I thought they'd never leave." Eyeing Greed, she added, "Now who's your friend with bulges in all the right pockets?"

Might the fight be a fix? Republicans sold George W. Bush as a uniter not a divider. America was clearly bait and switched. Why should we believe today's Rocky entourage ticket? Do they have the punch to knock greed off K Street? Or is it all a show for public consumption, scripted to theme song "Eye of the Tiger"?

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