Saturday, September 06, 2008

God's Will for Republicans to Lie and Belittle? Sarah Joins Bush

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin claims her religion is her inspiration. President Bush speaks of his nightly talks with the big father. However, both misstate their opponents position, a form of false witness. Both deride their political rivals. I matters not that it's couched in humor. An attack is still an attack.

President Bush earned his record low approval rating. Sarah enjoys public adoration, much like George W. after 9-11. How long before her act wears thin?

Recall Bush's pledge to run an ethical administration? Usually those are open and transparent. The McCain camp seems as secretive and vindictive as their twin team in the White House.

If Sarah's going to market her faith in God for votes, then she should be prepared to expound and clarify that faith. The New York Times reported:

Maria Comella, a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign, said Ms. Palin had been baptized Roman Catholic as an infant, but declined to comment further. “We’re not going to get into discussing her religion,” she said.

John McCain's policies line up nicely with Bush's, while Sarah Palin's faith is a mirror image of George's. I'm sick and tired of the Bush curse on our country. The current mythical ticket of reformers McCain/Palin might as well be Bigfoot and Paula Bunyan. It's that accurate...

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