Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conaway-Bush Invite Truck Loads of Contributions

West Texas Congressman Mike Conaway will host President Bush in a Republican fundraiser on October 2nd. The event will occur at Conaway's Midland home.

A photo and private meeting with President Bush will cost donors $57,000. The campaign did not say how many dump loads of ZooDoo (elephant feces) equate to $57,000, but that option is available to supporters.

Proceeds will benefit Republican Trust 2008, a joint National Republican Congressional Committee and Republican National Committee Fund. The NRCC's bloody nose arose from nearly $1.000,000 in embezzlement and a five year period of fraudulent audit reports. Rep. Tom Cole indicated Republican donor anger produced feces filled contribution envelopes.

Mike plans on bringing the booty. noted:

Conaway, a second term congressman, has been busy on the fundraising circuit. So far this cycle the Midland Republican has supplied the NRCC with $300,000 and GOP House members and candidates with $200,000. This evening Conaway is hosting a Washington D.C. fundraising event with a group of PACs that will distribute a combined $220,000 to 46 members.

As voters are livid, further enraged by the Wall Street bailout, the elephant doo option remains an option. Load up your trucks and head to Midland!

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