Wednesday, September 03, 2008

He Shall Be....

(Sung to the tune of Levon by Elton John & Bernie Taupin)

McCain wears his war wounds like a crown
He calls his savior Jesus
'cause he needs the name
And he attends the conservative church in town

McCain, McCain likes his money
He makes a lot they say
Spend his days counting
In luxury homes by the waterway

He was born a piper to a rank on a Christmas day
When the New York Times said God is dead
Yet another war's begun
Bristol Palin has a son today

And he shall be Levi
And he shall be a good man
And he shall be Levi
In tradition with the family plan
And he shall be Levi
And he shall be a good man
He shall be Levi

Mrs. McCain sells frosty brews in town
Her family business thrives
Jesus pours beers all day
Sits on the bar stool watching them foam
And Jesus, he wants to run the country
Leaving McCain far behind
Take the Christian Capital and go legislating
While McCain, McCain slowly dies

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