Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bush Coaches Palin on Executive Privileges

President George W. Bush put his arm around the pretty Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, currently under close scrutiny for her qualifications to be one breath away from Commander in Chief.

"When those pesky other branches come asking questions, just do what I did," offered President Bush

"What's that?" asked Sarah

"Claim Executive Privilege, then 'lose' the evidence. You do have a delete button on your computer," George replied.

"Sure. Is it that easy?" asked Governor Palin.

Bush nodded, "Yep, just press the easy button. Now I want to know more about you. John says you're easy on the eyes. How are you on your back? You do mate like a bunny..."

Slap! "How dare you!" said the offended Palin.

"Damn woman, I thought if we could talk about screwing the American people, that might put you in the mood. I guess not." George W. picked up the phone, "Shrill bitch removal, Oval Office."

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