Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain-Palin to "Shake Things Up" in White House Snow Globe

Alaskan Sarah Palin continues to pull a snow job on Americans. Republicans paved the road for the current economic crisis. Sure, Democrats sat sleeping in their police cars while corporations cranked up the greed cycle, but George W. Bush and a Republican controlled Congress did most of the damage.

Palin promised to bring transparency back to D.C. This from the woman who won't cooperate with her own ethics investigation? Now, that's a hollow promise!

Sarah promised to shake things up in Washington. Hardball host Chris Matthews isn't buying the campaign narrative. He noted McCain-Palin's fleeing from the Republican brand.

In Chris' mind Republicans are taking off their uniform in the middle of the battle. They've abandoned George W. Bush and his dog food White House. They're running away from their long control over the Congress and legislation that precipitated the financial abuses, now coming home to roost.

McCain said this of the change he'd bring to Washington, "Frankly you're not going to like it." I'm sure that's the case. I don't want the Bush snow globe shaken up, such that the current Republican insider snowflakes fall in a different location on the White House lawn. Chris Matthews said McCain would employ the same folks and enact the same strategies as George W. Bush.

I want the current Bush/Cheney snow globe shattered. McCain and Palin are incapable of such. But they will take their mantle and proudly give it a good shake. Then hundreds of McCain lobbyists will fall softly around the White House lawn.

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