Sunday, September 21, 2008

Republicans Need Distraction: War or Whore?

The multi-trillion dollar bailout of innovative Wall Street firms isn't going down well on Main Street. Bush never cared about the common man, but his party has a Presidential election in process. Thus, the people need a diversion. The question is which kind, sex or violence?

Shortly after New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's op-ed in the Washington Post blistering the Bush administration for greasing the skids of the subprime mortgage crisis, Spitzer's whoring around hit the news stands.

The current Republican crisis involves John McCain's mouth. Virtually everything he said this past week was inane. He closed his bad run by reiterating private Social Security accounts and encouraging health insurers to innovate "like the banking sector." With wholesale financial products imploding, McCain couldn't have picked a worse time for his endorsements.

McCain's only leg left is his military service. Might George W. start shenanigans with Iran to prop up John's flagging campaign? Or does some high Democrat has their Johnson in some one's mouth? War or whore, what will it be?

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