Monday, September 08, 2008

Fight with McCon/Pullin Against "Your Interests"

John McCain says he wants to fight special interests in Washington, D.C., yet he has lobbyists galore working on his campaign. He continually calls for tax and regulatory policy beneficial to corporations. I can only conclude John wants to strongly support corporations.

If businesses and their hired guns aren't "special interests", who does that leave? That leaves churches, nonprofits, unions and other community organizations. Mostly, it leaves individuals.

How is a corporatist, far right winger going to “fight special interests” in Washington? Is it by defining anything non-corporate as a “special interest”?

Think this is too Alice in Wonderland-ish? Remember what they did with "torture" with the POW’s support!

Fighting special interests = aiding corporations in McCon/Pullin lingo

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