Sunday, September 07, 2008

No Need to Vet a Narrative

The McCain camp staunchly defended Republican vetting of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. They did so, despite Alaska's highest GOP leaders' confession that no one contacted them regarding Sarah's qualifications.

Bush reality is "what they say it is." McCain agrees 95%. Thus, Sarah has strong executive experience, is a reformer, and she took on special interests. This person should be front and center, debating rivals at short notice, granting interviews where she successfully shows her depth. Unless, that's all fiction?

If Sarah Palin is a narrative, then she must be hidden, protected. If the story is shaky, then prudent risk management is required.

Interviews must be tightly controlled, in location, scope, content, and even who does the questioning. Charlie Gibson of ABC News got the first plum. What did he have to give up to be first?

Say John McCain only vetted Sarah for her fictional role. He already showed his vindictiveness in defending the Sarah hologram by cancelling his Larry King interview with CNN. Media that maintain the fiction will get access. Those that challenge the Palin myth will pay.

If they can't run an open and transparent campaign, how will they run the country?

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