Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin is Slippery Vote Sucker

Reformer, ethical Sarah Palin is a fictional creation of the Republican Party. In truth, Palin is a Bush style, hyper-competitive, unethically secretive, self serving politician. She knows the buzz words that get people excited, reform, transparency, accountability, clean up, and throw out.

While Wall Street reels from the failure of Lehman Brothers and the outright sale of Merrill Lynch, Palin talks about cutting million dollar CEO payouts. That may sell votes, but doesn't solve the root cause. The problem is incentive compensation, the never ending bribe of extrinsic motivators.

Sarah doesn't want to address the cycle of greed that permeated the housing crisis. The Bush/McCain/Palin party wants to spread incentive compensation to your physician's office. There it can poison your health.

Sarah Palin is a leech, a lamprey on Barack Obama. If the McCain-Palin ticket wins, she will be a leech on your pocketbook. Health insurance will be dumped in your lap, in the form of increased taxes or outright responsibility for premium payments.

Don't buy the con that Sarah and her backers are selling. She doesn't have the record, even hiding what should be a public record of her communications as Alaska's governor. A Bush with lipstick is not what America needs. The giant sucking sound is your draining wallet under a John McCain-Sarah Palin administration. There are more big businesses in line for Republican rescue.

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