Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Tony's Won't Testify on Lockerbie Bomber's Release

BP CEO Tony Hayward inked a deal in 2007 with Libyan officials for oil and gas exploration. British Prime Minister Tony Blair looked over Hayward's shoulder at the signing. Colonel Gadhafi's son confessed that any energy deals were contingent upon the release of the Lockerbie bomber. The younger Gadhafi made his comment during homecoming celebrations for the bomber, freed by British authorities in August 2009.

Once BP spewed millions of barrels of oils into the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. Senate took interest in the foul smell emanating from the bomber's release. They asked the reviled Tony Hayward to testify before a Senate panel. Hayward refused twice, first through FT and second by letter to Senator Menendez. Pimping Tony Blair was never asked to testify, despite the U.S. paying part of his salary as Quartet Middle East Special Envoy.

For months a foreign company controlled the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. sovereign territory. BP's CEO followed that up by snubbing a Senate investigation. BP is currently hedging on the final solution, relief wells. Corporate interests appear to have the upper hand. A bit of balance will return when the two Tony's testify.

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