Friday, August 27, 2010

BP to Give 80,000 lb Tug to BOP

After an unsuccessful fishing expedition, BP will proceed to remove the damaged blowout preventer (BOP). The three sections of pipe will be pulled with the BOP. Oil & Gas Journal reported:

The Helix Q4000 multiservice vessel will attempt to lift the Deepwater Horizon BOP, Allen said.

If necessary, crews are prepared to use what Allen calls “a gentle tug” involving 80,000 lb of force to free the BOP. Remotely operated vehicles then will be used to cut off the drill pipe below it.

If the gentle tug fails, then BP plans to open rams in the BOP’s lower marine riser package before it cuts off the pipe. Allen said BP is prepared to use tools to force open the rams.

So the tug will occur with closed rams? How will the 80,000 lb force impact the 3,500 foot long drilling pipe, potentially stuck in the concrete plug?

Assuming no tropical weather delays or problems with opening the rams, Allen estimates the DDIII could resume drilling the relief well on Sept. 7-8.
As for the assumptions, Thad has been all over the place on the BOP's functioning. He said on 8-25:

In the last 24 hours we have flushed the capping stack and the blow out preventer with methanol that actually opened and closed those rams so they are functionally properly right now as a result.

Tropical systems are lined up between the coast of Africa and the U.S.
The puzzling management of what's been sold as "the final kill" continues. Meanwhile, BP employees continue to plead "the fifth."

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