Friday, August 06, 2010

Anne Womack-Kolton Heads Back to D.C.

After a two month stint managing BP's U.S. public relations, Anne Womack-Kolton will head back to America's political cesspool, Washington, D.C. BusinessWeek reported:

Kolton, 34, joined London-based BP on June 1, 42 days after the Deepwater Horizon exploded.

Kolton previously worked for Washington-based public affairs firm APCO Worldwide and for Brunswick Group LLP. She is taking a job in Washington.
Her Brunswick Group ties got her the full time gig at BP. Will she rejoin Brunswick, the group that packages and sells access to the Obama White House?

Oddly, Anne omitted the impact of spilled oil after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita while at the Department of Energy. As life tends to repeat itself, more influence peddling may be in order.

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