Saturday, August 07, 2010

Mississippi's Two Square Mile Patch of Dead Fish

The AP reported on reopened fishing areas. Yesterday's story said:

Authorities are reopening all of Mississippi's territorial waters in the Gulf of Mexico for all commercial and recreational shrimping and fin-fishing. The order takes effect at 5 p.m. Friday and includes waters south of the barrier islands, which are about 12 miles off the coastline.

Today the AP stated:

Keath Ladner, owner of Gulf Shores Sea Products in Bay St. Louis, Miss., won't send his 70 boats out, even though shrimp season is open in some Mississippi waters.

"They'd lose money," Ladner said. "Nobody wants it. I can't sell it."

Ladner's main national buyer sent him a letter recently telling him it wouldn't be buying seafood from the Gulf "until further notice," he said.

"They can't convince brokers around the nation that it's a safe product," he said, adding that he came across a 2-square-mile patch of dead, floating fish on Friday about 12 miles off Gulfport, Miss.

Gulfport had a fish kill in July. Tests results, due back in a "few days," remain missing. Where will Ladner's two square mile patch of fetid fish end up? Hopefully not in someone's net.

Has the U.S. government/BP media blockade fallen yet?

If so, citizen's can provide information on the impact of dissolved, dispersed and residual oil. Maybe death gyres will be confirmed, along with BP's whale carcass chop shop. Only BP contractors were authorized to touch oiled wildlife. Experts were kept at bay.

The feds/BP chose to transfer toxicity to the water column. It was a strategic decision from which they never wavered. That's why they hide and obfuscate the deadly impact at every turn.

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