Thursday, August 12, 2010

Medical Tourism to Spread Superbugs

British medical researchers say the gene that makes bugs resistant to antibiotics exist in third world countries, now on the rise. Scientists expect the gene to spread as Westerners flock to foreign hospitals for cheap cosmetic surgery procedures.

The irony is international health care will hurt international health care. Bill Clinton said globalism had gotten ahead of itself. More irony, given Clinton's globalist history and future intentions. Did any of Bill Clinton's cosmetic surgery procedures occur overseas? Is he carrying superbugs?

Chip Kahn, Clinton's partner in lobbying for health care reform, could use the superbug threat to promote his for-profit hospital trade group. How can the pair work Harry & Louise into this issue?

When The Carlyle Group invested in a Turkish for-profit hospital system, I pondered their medical tourism designs. Should they inadvertently aid the spread of the superbug, Carlyle has an affiliate that can help. Proteus Biomed has high tech products that remind people to take their medications, in this case antibiotics. Will superbugs garner SuperReturns?

Update 9-14-10 Superbugs have been found in California, Massachusetts and Illinois.

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