Thursday, August 05, 2010

Highly Toxic Water Samples

The EPA released its toxicity study of dispersant, oil and dispersant-oil mix. Oil and the dispersant-oil mix were deadly to over 50% of the two species tested, a shrimp and fish, at less than 10 parts per million. News

WKRG, an Alabama news station, tested water samples for the presence of oil. Their six samples showed:

Katrina Key- 16 ppm
Orange Beach- 29 ppm
Gulf Shores kids digging- 51 ppm
Gulf Shores beach water- 66 ppm
Gulf Shores beach sand- 211 ppm
Orange Beach kids digging- 221 ppm
Dauphin Island Marina- sample exploded, possibly due to methane or dispersants
Every sample taken was toxic enough to kill under EPA testing. Three days after the WKRG report, millions of dead menhaden washed up at Jones Park in Gulfport, Mississippi.

A July 22 news report said testing the fish would take a few days. It's been two weeks. Meanwhile, the EPA's coastal water samples show low risk to aquatic life and no risk to human health. Oil plumes remain underwater, likely the result of dispersant use. Where are they moving? What might they kill?

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