Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BP's Safety Promise

Robert Dudley, BP's new CEO, promised to ramp up Tony Hayward's work in transforming the company's corporate culture. Dudley said:

"Tony started a cultural change three years ago around a focus on safe and
reliable operations."

That change came after BP's Texas City refinery explosion, which killed 15 people. Hayward will lose his job after BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spew is permanently stemmed. The stacking cap temporarily ceased oil flow nearly three months after the blowout killed 11 people.

Are Dudley's safety promises as hollow as his predecessor's? It took three years for investigators to track down CEO Lord John Browne and interview him on the Texas City explosion. While Tony Hayward testified before Congress on the Gulf oil spew, he offered very little information, instead blaming Transocean, Halliburton and Cameron.

FT reported Hayward will not go before the Senate on the release of the Lockerbie bomber. The Libya deal occurred under the Two Tonys, Hayward and Blair. Both should be under oath.

The wheels of justice move very slowly, if at all for the corporacrat class. That includes Lord John Browne's lack of accountability, Tony Hayward's nontestimony and Tony Blair's profit-a-palooza. Lord John Browne is pictured above, however the bars and hands are but graphic devices. Browne is reforming British government and Managing Director for Carlyle Group's energy joint venture, Riverstone Holdings. Browne mentored "Turtle" Dudley, once the Lord's executive assistant. What did Bob learn from safety suboptimizing Browne & Hayward?

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