Sunday, July 04, 2010

Catastrophic Case of BP

BP Highlights, Day 75:

-A Whale Supertanker Skimmer is under evaluation. It may be approved in time for a busy storm season. And other badly needed skimmers, Dutch or otherwise?

-National Hurricane Center adds Deepwater Horizon to Wind Probability Product.

-NOAA publishes Hurricanes & the Oil Spill. After reading it my question is: If oil evaporates (as part of biodegradation), does rain wring out those chemicals?

-Entrix (BP's environmental consultant) has an interesting post blowout history.

-BP asked 10% partner Mitsui for $111 million. What will ask from Anadarko, a 25% owner of the Deepwater Horizon well?

-Blackstone Group is helping BP search for a strategic investor. Will a private equity underwriter or sovereign wealth fund pony up for £6billion in shares?

-Freelance photographer detained for taking pictures of BP's Texas City refinery. The ProPublica story covered BP's release of over 500,000 pounds of toxic chemicals from April 6 to May 16. BP's well blew out April 20.

-Churches and nonprofits go to BP with hand out.

-Job 1 for BP, risk management. (A theme I've mined frequently on this blog)

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