Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 44: Dutch Send Skimmers

Dutch oil skimmers are on the way. The idea was suggested early on by Spill Response Group Holland (SPGH). Here's the chronology:

April 20 - The Deepwater Horizon blew out.

April 29 - President Obama promised an "all out response."

May 4 - Two Dutch companies offered oil skimmers, citing the critical need to collect oil while at sea. They sit on standby.

June 2 - Thad Allen says the U.S. needs skimmers most of all. Dutch skimmers are on the way.

Dutch skimmers will be flown in and put on tankers.

President Obama is yet to answer the Supertanker question, posed in his press conference. BP hasn't responded to Matt Simmons concerns about the nearby source of a much larger spill.

Until relief wells are successful, this is a pumping/vacuuming operation at sea, a sopping task on land. What will the report be on Day 100?

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