Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skimming on Offers of Spill Aid

"The big focus of our operations right now would be on water skimming, trying to deal with the oil as far offshore as we can." - National Incident Commander Thad Allen, 6-30 press briefing

The U.S. State Department released information on aid offers on Day 71 of the Gulf oil spew. They include:

Belgium- skimmers (6-15), under consideration
Canada- skimmers (6-23), under consideration
El Salvador- skimmers (6-23), under consideration
European Maritime Safety Agency- skimmers (5-13), under consideration
Japan- skimmers (6-22), under consideration
Mexico- skimmers (5-3), two have arrived and are operating
Netherlands- skimmers (4-30), three purchased
Norway- skimmers (4-30), eight accepted in early May
Portugal- skimmers (6-21), under consideration
Korea- skimmers (5-2), under consideration
Sweden- skimmers (4-30), offer increased on 6-15, under consideration
Turkey- skimmers (6-23), under consideration
Qatar- skimmers (6-22), under consideration
UAE- skimmers (5-10), under consideration

Recall President Obama's "all out response" commitment on 4-29? Disaster commander Thad Allen cited the critical need for skimmers on 6-10. Interestingly, the State of Alaska has:

Over 120 skimming systems to pick up oil from within containment boom and store it in barges and other vessels. This equipment can recover over 300,000 barrels of oil in 72 hours.

Did any offers come in from Alaska?

A correction is needed in the State Department memo as twenty eight countries made offers. The State Department omitted Turkey from their press release, while not displaying offers from Saudi Arabia in their chart. Did the Saudis offer Obama any supertankers?

More than one person is frustrated by the gulf between language and action.

Update: Thad Allen officially retired from the Coast Guard today. He will remain in charge of the Oil Spill Response in a civilian role. Also, tar balls hit Texas beaches. They are being tested to see if they came from the BP spill.

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