Thursday, June 24, 2010

Groinal Warming

On October 24, 2006 a "Mr. Stone" received a massage in his hotel room. The therapist worked on Stone's abdomen. He started to moan, indicating his desire she go lower. Stone grabbed her hand forcing it toward his pubic area. She claims he tried to have sex with her, but she got away.

Stone was an alias, used by Al Gore. He isn't the first politician to suffer from groinal warming. San Angelo's Scott Campbell beat Gore by two years.

And Rep. Scott Campbell, R-San Angelo, shouldn't have been in any danger from newcomer Jeri Slone in District 72. But then Campbell got popped for DUI (not for the first time) and responded by denouncing the DPS troopers (not a smart move); then a charge of indecent exposure earlier this year surfaced from a local masseuse (the spa owner said Campbell appeared drunk that time, too). Campbell may well be in trouble.

Despite allegations of DWI and of confusing a legitimate massage therapist's office with the less reputable kind (and exposing himself to the masseuse), state Rep. Scott Campbell, R-San Angelo, still managed to get 57% of the vote and will continue to represent the party of "moral values."

The Austin paper didn't indicate Campbell's alias. Could it have been Stone? What is it about political power that gives men giant stones?

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