Monday, June 28, 2010

BP's Oil Spew Numbers

BP filed the following information with the SEC:

To date, the total volume of oil recovered or flared by containment systems is approximately 435,600 barrels.

Operations to skim oil from the surface of the water now have recovered, in total, approximately 652,000 barrels (27 million gallons) of oily liquid. In addition, a total of 275 controlled burns have been carried out to date, removing an estimated 238,000 barrels of oil from the sea's surface.

Doing the math on collection: 435,600 + 652,000 + 238,000 = 1,325,600 barrels

If the spill rate is 60,000 bpd, the well leaked 4,080,000 barrels over a 68 day period. BP collected 32%. That leaves 68% of the flow to date. How might a Hurricane Alex contribute to the deficit?

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