Monday, July 19, 2010

Conflicted Academic on Capital Gains & Corporate Taxes

Fresh from diminishing the employer role in health insurance coverage, Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt went after capital gains and corporate income taxes. Dr. Reinhardt has more than one dog in that fight, as a corporate board member for:

AmeriGroup - 17,048 shares with options to purchase 142,753 shares of our common stock and 2,704 shares of restricted stock.

Boston Scientific - 77,622 shares
Reinhardt's AmeriGroup holdings gross out at$5.3 million, while his Boston Scientific shares are valued at $475,000.

Uwe received the Bush tax break on his $2.3 million profit from the sale of Triad Hospitals. Uwe's 5% break amounted to $115,000. He'd love zero capital gains when he moves his AmeriGroup, Boston Scientific, Legacy Hospital Partners or other holdings:

Dr. Reinhardt is a Trustee of the H&Q Healthcare Investors, H&Q Life Sciences Investors and Hambrecht & Quist Capital Management LLC.
Conflicted corporacrats are the rule today. It matters not whether they are Red or Blue.

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