Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obama Justice Department Craters on Senator Ted Stevens

Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed the indictment against Senator Ted Stevens and won't proceed with a new trial. Ted was indicted for lying on his financial disclosures. He was found guilty on seven counts.

The Justice Department will investigate the prosecution of the Stevens case, which occurred under President George W. Bush's politicized Justice Department. Bush drained the department of impartial talent, filling it with partisan hacks. Did they purposefully commit prosecutor malpractice in order to free Ted? If so, he seemed aware of the plan:

Stevens later issued a statement maintaining his innocence and saying he will continue to fight the charges and accusing prosecutors of misconduct.

Bush level incompetence or mendacity? It vacates hard work done by grand jurors and citizens serving their public duty. Politics repeatedly shows its doodee. Tired of them shedding their waste? A pox on their corrupt houses.

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