Monday, April 20, 2009

Bush vs. Obama's Unitary Executive on Torture

Senior members of President Obama's staff said Bushies who crafted the legal basis for torture will not be held accountable. Rahm Emanuel said it yesterday. Robert Gibbs repeated the free pass offer today.

This is all about the unitary executive. Obama banned the technique that Bush implemented. The court system is nowhere to be found. That’s a huge mistake. Americans are at the whim of a good king or bad king.

This is patently bad governance in a functioning democracy. Rulings are needed to control our elected officials. Who knows what the next President will do?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Bush proved it with his torture decree. Obama proves it with his free pass for treaty and law violators. Yet, the unitary executive remains unchallenged. Either Congress or the court system needs to intervene.

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