Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mike Conaway's Earmarks

At an Angelo State University open house Representative Mike Conaway refused to list his earmarks on his web site. He remains true to his word. In 2008 Mike requested 18 earmarks, totalling nearly $20 million. They are:

1. $5.8 million Addition to Goodfellow AFB Fitness Center
2. $2.4 million Compact Pulse Power Initiative (defense)-Texas Tech
3. $2 million for Center for Hetero-functional Materials-Angelo State
4. $1.7 million for efficient irrigation-Texas A&M and New Mexico State University
5. $1.6 million for Maritime Intelligence Surveillance System-Global Delta
6. $1.6 million for Enhanced Holographic Imaging Program (defense)-Zebra Imaging Inc.
7. $1.2 million for efficient irrigation
8. $1 million for Center for Food Industry Excellence
9. $527,000 for West Texas Center for Influenza Research, Education & Treatment-Texas Tech
10. $490,000 FM3503 Relocation Improvements
11. $439,000 Lower Colorado River Basin
12. $245,000 Concho Valley Multi-Modal Terminal Building
13. $235,000 Midland
14. $219,000 Wool Research MT, TX, WY
15. $192,000 Teacher Training Initiative-Angelo State University
16. $143,000 Midland College's Advanced Technology Center
17. $117,000 Odessa
18. $0 O.C. Fisher Lake

Number 5 Global Delta was the subject of a Seattle newspaper story. I bird dogged it further.

Since Representative Conaway won't put this information on his website, it's posted here. The public has a right to know.

Update: 2010 Election year politics has the House eschewing earmarks.

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