Friday, April 10, 2009

Dove Creek Shooting Concerning

West Texas has seen a marked increase in violence recently. San Angelo had three murders in a week. That exceeds recent annual totals. Shootings and stabbings wounded others, as well. But one case got my attention. The Standard Times reported:

According to the sheriff's department release, Rick Sain (the victim) was conscious at the time and talking to authorities, alleging that Calvin Jones called him a communist, then shot him and hit him over the head with the pistol.

The witness who was in the barn when deputies arrived, William Wilson, told deputies he had heard four or five gunshots coming from the Sain residence, grabbed a gun for protection and went to check on the noise. He told authorities he saw Calvin Jones (the perpetrator) kick Sain several times, and when he told him to stop, Jones grew frustrated and threw his gun to the barn floor.

Americans are now shooting communists? Did Mr. Jones listen to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh prior to taking the law into his hands? Did he listen to any inflammatory elected leaders, fast to label others as communist, socialist or fascist? Or was something else happening in the 65 year old's life?

Earlier this week, a man discharged a shotgun at a Standard Times newspaper carrier. The carrier was in his car and only slightly wounded.

Why the spate of deadly violence in a town with a several decade history of relative calm? Hopefully, the police will ascertain causes. It's been disturbing to read local news the last few months. The Wild West may be returning, alongside buyer beware and the Gilded Age. Snake oil anyone? (The picture above is of Chinese doves, which live in a real communist country, also America's largest trading partner)

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