Friday, April 10, 2009

No Investigations, No Justice for CIA Secret Prisons

CIA Chief Leon Panetta said agency officers who worked in secret prisons “should not be investigated, let alone punished” because the Justice Department under President George W. Bush had declared their actions legal. Horse hockey!

The Executive Department can have an opinion on legality, but America's court system is the final arbiter under our Constitution. That means investigations and court cases are needed to clarify legal opinion.

The Obama administration is skilled at "Just Us", much like the Bush cabal. A light needs to shine inside America's shadowy CIA prison system. The legal basis for the program should be challenged in federal courts. Cases should be brought and judgements rendered.

America's darkness will not end without truth and justice. The Obama team won't bring either. It uses "state secrets" to defend domestic spying. Calling for "no investigation, no punishment" on torture in illegal secret prisons is tragic for the American ideal. It was a great 229 years. The last four have been a tortuous blood draining by elected leeches.

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