Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama's Torture Logic Trap

President Obama released Bush administration memos justifying the legal basis for torture. While documents got Justice Department review, they never went before a court. Every legal case has been stifled by the same DOJ under "national security" and "state secrets."

Congress was appraised on Bush's rough interrogation methods. Thus, they are complicit in any crimes. America's Executive Branch made torture as an acceptable practice, Congress acquiesced, and the Judicial branch never weighed in with a legal ruling.

What happens now? Likely nothing. The Obama administration said it would defend anyone charged with torture, as long as they tortured in "good faith". How twisted is that?

Interrogators had training, which included international commitments and the legal lines for prisoner treatment. How many people knew those lines were crossed by the Bush cabal's reliance on sadistic violence? We won't find out.

Assitant Attorney General James Comey knew Bush pushed beyond the legal limits in domestic spying. Surely someone in the detainee interrogation bureaucracy sensed the Bush memos were illegal. But CIA Chief Leon Panetta said "no investigations, no charges" and President Obama reiterated that stance.

Might another country do America's oversight for us? Spain looked promising, but after communication with the Obama people, it dropped the case. Here's the Spanish Attorney General's logic:

Spain can't charge the higher ups who designed the torture program, because the big cheeses didn't do the torturing.

Add the Panetta/Obama logic:

Interrogators can't be investigated, much less charged, because they were simply following orders.

The Obama administration set a logic trap. It adds up to everyone getting off, Scott Free! It's Bush level twisted. One thing won't occur, an investigation. That's the first step needed.

American bleedership is front and center. Greedership can't be far behind. We endure with an appalling lack of leadership.

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