Tuesday, March 31, 2009

White House Supports Brunswick Group's Business Forward

Incestuous political relationships exist on the blue team. Business Forward is the greatest form of flattery to red Republican K Street. The Hill reported:

“We are very pleased to have the support of the administration, but this is an opportunity created by the 2008 campaign. We want to create a way to have these people stay involved and speak as business leaders, not just as supporters,” Jim Doyle, Business Forward’s executive director.

Founding businesses pay $75,000 to join, while small businesses pony up $1,500. Money buys connections, a point established by Mr. Doyle. Who benefits?

The Brunswick Group, a public relations giant. Four of the five people mentioned in the article work for Brunswick. Many have ties to the Obama campaign and White House staffers.

Doyle said Business Forward is seeking a 501(c)(6) tax status, which is for trade groups, from the IRS. “We are going to focus on events and policy briefings. We do not expect to lobby,” Doyle said.

How much lobbying or regulatory scrutiny work will Brunswick Group get from Business Forward?

The formation of the new association comes at a time when the White House has ramped up its criticism of K Street.

The names may change, but the pattern remains the same, influence for sale. Step right up! Is Business Forward the restarted securitization production line? Are politics salmonella tainted peanuts or pistachios?

It's buyer beware in all cases. While I wish a pox on the red and blue houses, their leadership delivers disease to our door. Check the label, folks.

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