Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bayh Household Finance Update

This post is an update on Susan Bayh's stock holdings and annual board compensation. It is timely as Senator Evan Bayh (husband) considers health care reform. Mrs. Bayh currently sits on the board of five health care corporations. Add two prior health care directorships and Susan sat on seven health related corporate boards.

DYAX Corporation (biotech). Mrs. Bayh has 50,000 beneficially held shares of stock. She earned $61,021 in compensation for her board service in 2007.

Curis Inc. (therapeutic drug development). Susan holds 276,250 shares. Her 2007 board compensation was $102,313. Mrs. Bayh serves on the board compensation committee.

Dendreon Corporation (biopharmaceutical). Her 2007 board pay amounted to $139,000. Stock holdings include 102,721 shares of stock and options. She sits on the compensation committee.

WellPoint (health insurance). Mrs. Bayh earned $334,750 in compensation for 2007. She holds 10,068 beneficially held shares. (She flipped past stock options for over $1.5 million the last few years.)

Nastech Pharmaceutical/MDRNA (pharmaceutical). Susan holds 87,500 shares, including options. She sits on the compensation committee. Her 2007 compensation was $134, 015.

Emmis Communication (diversified media). Her board pay for 2007 totalled $66,788. She holds 86,904 beneficially held shares, including options.

Past board memberships include Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company, from 2000 to 2004, and Esperion Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, from 2000 to 2003.

Susan Bayh's health care board pay for 2007 equalled $770,000. All board pay roughly totalled $840,000. That's over four times Evan's Senatorial pay. Her potential holdings are below, the actual number depends on option exericise prices:

With over $1.1 million in potential family holdings, what kind of health care reform can the public expect from Senator Evan Bayh? One that maintains private sector profits and executive pay for performance? Highly likely.

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