Friday, March 20, 2009

U.S. Corporacrats Visit Russia

An odd assembly of American dignitaries were in Russia. The list includes James A. Baker, III, Henry Kissinger, William Perry, George Schultz, and Sam Nunn. It seems America's Government-Industrial Monstrosity wants to get money making back on track. The NYT reported:

Mr. Baker said the United States should show a new humility in international relations.

“We ought to be big enough on both sides to admit that blame can be directed at both countries for this deterioration in Russian-U.S. relations,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with doing whatever we can to get this relationship back on the track it was on up until the last few years."

Yes Mr. Baker, America's heavy hand and hubris made the world more dangerous. It's vaunted financial innovation imploded the global economy. Maybe a tail between the legs will open up more world markets for American branded commerce. President Obama mentioned it in his address to Iranians.

Who stands to benefit from the Russian visit? At least three Corporacrats.

James A. Baker, III was in Moscow for a conference on the politics of Caspian Sea oil and natural gas riches. Both Russia and the West are maneuvering for access. Baker is advisory chairman for Energy Future Holdings and senior partner to law firm Baker Botts. Historically, Baker served as Senior Counselor to The Carlyle Group, which happens to have an energy joint venture, Riverstone Holdings. A common link is Lord John Browne, ex CEO of BP and member of the executive team at Riverstone. While at BP, Browne hired Baker to investigate the Texas City plant explosion. Baker went light on Lord Browne in his assessment. Baker blamed BP's safety culture. Shortly after the report's release, Browne fled to Carlyle's Riverstone. The insider big money boys look after one another.

Henry Kissinger is partner with Mack McLarty in the Kissinger McLarty Associates, strategic adviser and advocate for a select group of U.S. and multinational companies. The firm provides high-level intervention on special projects, assists its clients to identify strategic partners and investment opportunities, and advises clients on government relations throughout the world. McLarty is senior adviser for The Carlyle Group. He also is partner with BET billionaire Robert L. (Bob) Johnson in a number of car dealerships. Bob Johnson also has a joint venture with Carlyle. They target minority investments, capable of drawing federal money.

William Perry is Chairman of Global Technology Partners, LLC, a defense oriented investment firm. He also sits on the board of several high tech firms.

The private equity underwriter (PEU) boys and their buds visited Russia. Corporafornication, I mean Commerce, awaits!

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