Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wall Street & Washington: America's Salmonella Peanut

Wall Street packaged toxic assets for sale to unwary consumers. The Peanut Company of America shipped tainted peanut products, batches they knew tested positive for salmonella. Their product sickened over 500 people, killing eight.

The SEC failed American investors, while the FDA neglected its duty to keep food products safe. Where does a consumer not need to exercise buyer beware?

Poor quality not only killed investing, it killed people hoping to enjoy a simple peanut product. America's leadership is abysmal and there are no signs of knowledge needed for profound change. Dr. Deming taught us, but so few leaders listened.

The ignorance in corporate board rooms and our hallowed halls of government is palpable. That includes the new occupant of the White House, intent on spending trillions without ideology or principle. "Things that work" is balderdash. How does one get to check, without doing plan, do first?

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