Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama to Become Bush Whiskey-palian?

President elect Barack Obama will worship in a private prayer service at St. John's Episcopal Church on Inauguration Day. The Washington Post reported:

St. John's, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, is known as the "Church of the Presidents." Since James Madison, every president has worshiped there at some point during his tenure in the Oval Office. The church has kneelers embroidered in tribute to each president, and Pew 54 is traditionally assigned to the chief executives when they visit.
Will history pull Barack Obama from his United Church of Christ roots? He could leave the UCC, a church where fifty years ago conservatives and progressives put aside differences for a higher calling, to join a fracturing Episcopal church. Which side of the Anglican divide does St. John's fall? Do they welcome all? Is God still speaking? (Update: President Obama attended Easter services at St. John's)

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