Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Strikes UN Compound, Hospital & Media Center

America's Jewish democratic friend in the Middle East launched mortar shells into Gaza's United Nations compound. An IDF tank shell also struck a Gaza hospital wing. The IDF hit a media building housing several media outlets, including Reuters, Al Arabiya and the BBC.

This comes after Israel prohibited two Arab parties from the upcoming election and charging journalists for covering the conflict from inside Gaza. Transparency and accountability are lacking for the cluster bombing, white phosphorous shelling, DIME bomb dropping Israelis. Transparency and accountability happen to be Barack Obama's performance strategies. Those and measurement.

Defense Ministry spokesman Peter Lerner said that a total of 1,136 trucks of humanitarian supplies have been transferred to Gazans since the beginning of the IDF operation in the Strip.

With 1.5 million Gazans, that equates to 0.75 thousandth of a truck for each Gazan for a 20 day siege. How much food and water fit into a shipment thousandth? Three quarters of that doesn't sound like much, especially if it has to last three weeks.

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